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This blog is written to give you more information about AP, Aids Participating.

AP is a new and upcoming thing into our lives. More and more people are starting to receive Aids even though we are already struggling this long on fighting against it.

As we are not that familiar with internet in general, we wanted to start with our blog trying to provide more information, and in the end providing free downloadable courses. That’s our main goal, explain what it is, the cure, the cause and how to prevent it. Whereas the latest one is the most importantly, but I found out if you don’t give the people the Why, they will not be triggered to prevent it.
Because of our travels we found many people in all sorts of businesses and industry and made many friends over the years. One of them is our insurance agency who stood by us during our expat-life. They were kind enough to be our sponsor for at least 1 year to keep our website up and running. Please show us some interest by keeping this blog advertisement free by visiting their website from time to time, link in the footer.
We wish everyone all the health in the world and hope we can change the world and leave it a better place as we first encountered it. ~AP


Prevention is better than cure. Especially when something has NO CURE.
~ AP